What is Personal Value (PV)?

The idea of “Personal Value” is different for everyone. It’s ‘personal.’

But what does it mean for you? Is it being nice to people? Is it caring for your Mum and Dad? Is it being kind to animals? Is it that you work on the checkouts at a supermarket? Is it that you care for other people? Are you Bill or Melinda Gates, giving $billions to charity? Are you at tattoo artist? Maybe you are just an ordinary fella like me? Or, a lovely woman like my lovely wife?

Whatever, we don’t judge – you are as valuable as the next person – yep, right next to on the bus… weird? Not really – we all have one life – why not make your life felt?

Make a Difference! Use your #PersonalValue now!


The score is a personal ratio between wealth and contribution – as a citizen we can all do more.
So doing our PV allows us each to reflect on our choices and actions – and challenge ourselves to improve our personal score.
There is no compulsion to increase it – but we all like to “do better” and feel good. We measure our well being and make changes to improve it – let’s improve our citizenship too.
The important difference is that any improvement will help others now and in the future, not just ourselves. A win – win!
The key drivers to the complex algorithm, the Social Earnings Ratio® (S/E Ratio®) is constantly evolving but they can be simply summarised as:
PV is recognition – If you do good, your score increases
PV is a rating – If your feedback networks score you higher, your PV increases
PV is a ratio – If you have more wealth to begin with, then you have to try harder
PV is a Total Value indicator – If you have created more wealth, then your time contribution is valued more

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